The designer: Rick Tegelaar
The product: Roomdevider
The introduction: Dutch Design Week 2021
The adventure: Gradient weaving of brass, stainless steel wires and pleating of mesh 
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The designer
Rick Tegelaar

Rick Tegelaar

Underrated materials. Rudimentary. That’s what Rick prefers to work with. He glances at them. Feels them. Investigates them. And develops shapes, machines and processes. A new context that ensures that their beauty is also seen by others. He is the man behind Moooi’s Meshmatics lamps and various special installations. With his respect for wire mesh and passion for our craft, Rick became Wired Collectiv’s very first collab in 2020.

The adventure

Gradient weaving of brass, stainless steel wires and pleating of mesh.

After a thorough study of all our mesh types and our processes, Rick triggered us to weave brass and stainless steel wires in a gradient pattern. The question was the beginning of a worthwhile adventure. An adventure in which our traditional wire mesh weavers put ‘we can not’ aside. And pioneered with ‘how to’. It was possible to gradually intertwine brass and stainless steel. Cold and warm. Solid and light. Transparent and solid. He gave the material an extra dimension by using a pleating technique. The subtle folds allow the light to play with the shape of the woven wires. Artisanal. Industrial. High quality. And breathtakingly beautiful.

The product

Gradient Mesh Panels

Gradient Mesh Panels

Inspired by the play of light in a gradient woven mesh, Rick Tegelaar designed a special series of room dividers. Large organically shaped pleated panels that draws the attention. Breathing craft. Creating the illusion of movement. And convey the passion for the material. We present: the Gradient Mesh Panels from Wired Collectiv by Rick Tegelaar.

“Uncovering the beauty of Wire Weaving craftmanship.”