Product designers, fashion designers, architects, industrial designers, theater designers, jewellery designers… they see possibilities. Connections. Opportunities. They are curious. They ask. To marvel. To investigate. They watch and they feel. Processes. Materials. People. Stories. Everything they take, forms the basis of something new. Something beautiful. Something that stimulates the brain.

Sporadically we open our factory for a creative brain. For someone who likes to be inspired by our world. Our mesh. Our machines. Our people. Our processes. Our materials. Our experience. Our options. And our impossibilities. Because precisely there, in that which is not yet possible; lies the tension. The adventure. The chance for something new. With Wired Collectiv we connect creative innovators with our traditional wire mesh makers. To inspire each other. To share knowledge. To play, try, pioneer and innovate. To disrupt what we think we have known for the past 105 years. And bring the world something new.

Do you see opportunities?

Introduce yourself without any obligation by sending an e-mail to and let’s mesh things up!