Lauren Hallen

         “With Wired Collectiv we bring worlds together.”

Lauren has the entrepreneurial DNA of August Hallen; the founder who started Wire Weaving Dinxperlo in 1917. After two BBAs, one of which in Fashion, she became Co Managing Director of the family business at the age of 26. With Wired Collectiv she interweaves her passion for design, fashion and architecture with the product she grew up with. Lauren: “mesh is beautiful and versatile. This allows you to do so much more with it than just practical things. With Wired Collectiv I want to show that. I do like a bit of excitement; shake up together what we’ve been doing for a hundred years. Not because that’s not enough anymore. But because there are still so many paths left to discover. Roads that can bring us much more.” With her eagerness to learn, she attracts ideas. Ideas that she conveys to others with infectious enthusiasm. The first collab with Rick Tegelaar taught her that it works. She says: “With Wired Collectiv we bring worlds together. Craft and innovation. Functional and aesthetic. Technology and design. In that mix, everything becomes possible. New products. New techniques. New visions. New ideas. Things you don’t see in your own bubble.    

Puck van Holsteijn

 “On the edges of our abilities, that’s where the beautiful things are being created!”

With Puck on your team, you can be assured that something happens. She connects. Enthuses. And motivates. Always one step further. Never to rust. Puck is dynamic. From marketing manager to various management positions; in 18 years she achieved a lot at Wire Weaving Dinxperlo. She currently combines the role of CIO with being the director of Horti Heroes; a platform that – surprisingly – stimulates innovation in the food and flower industry. Wired Collectiv was created with the same goal: Movement. Progress. disruption. Puck: “With Wired Collectiv we are stepping out of daily practice. Outside our comfort zone. And there; on the edges of our abilities, that’s where the beautiful things are being created! Things that drive new changes. Enjoy that dynamism. From the energy of creativity. Seeing opportunities. Of thinking in what is possible. She knows the process and the professionals of Wire Weaving Dinxperlo thoroughly. She explains: “Wired Collectiv shows the charm of our age-old craft, the qualities of our craftsmen and the detailed beauty of our mesh. I believe in it. In mesh. In our collabs. In ourselves. We’re going to do something big. Just wait and see.