Wire Weaving Dinxperlo; the process

In Dinxperlo, located at the German border, there has been a wire mesh factory for over a hundred years. Wire Weaving Dinxperlo. Much has been modernized over the years, but the basics of the craft have remained the same. Metal wires are drawn and formed in to the correct thickness and texture, followed by beaming up and preparing the beam, preparing the weaving loom and weaving or welding. Wire Weaving Dinxperlo also has the process for powder coating, galvanizing, annealing, cleaning, electrolytic polishing and making filters in-house. A factory full of history and future.

Wired Collectiv; our lab

Wired Collectiv is our laboratory. Our playground. The place where we pioneer with mesh. Playing around with wild ideas. Within Wired Collectiv we share our raw materials, our techniques, our machines and our craftsmanship. With designers. Architects. Creatives. By intertwining our craft with their creativity, we find new insights together. Pioneering innovations in mesh. Design. In architecture. fashion. In art. Together we can impel everything.